About Cee Dub’s

Cee Dub gained his reputation as a fantastic Dutch oven cook years ago while patrolling Idaho’s back country as a conservation officer for the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. In 1999, Cee Dub traded in his gunbelt for an apron and began “patrolling” the airwaves of the Public Broadcasting System with his thirty-nine part series, Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking.

When Cee Dub published his first cookbook in 1996, little did he or anyone else believe how popular it and he would both become. Now with two additional Dutch oven cookbooks to his credit and over 38,000 cookbooks sold to date, Cee Dub’s popularity continues to grow!

Since 1997, C. W. “Butch” Welch, otherwise known as Cee Dub, and his wife, Penny, have run their successful website business www.ceedubs.com from their home in Idaho. Besides selling a full line of outdoor cooking equipment along with their cookbooks. Cee Dub and Pen also conduct Dutch oven cooking clinics around the Western United States and make appearances at various sportsman’s shows. Penny does all their publishing through her company, BACK COUNTRY PRESS.


WHO THE HECK IS CEE DUB? Until the mid 1980’s, folks knew Cee Dub as either Butch Welch or in his official capacity as Senior Conservation Officer, C. W. Welch, with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG). But as often happens in life, a new nickname is born for reasons unknown. In Cee […]

Cee Dub's Business History

CEE DUB’S PRODUCTIONS, LLC, is an Idaho limited liability company owned by C.W. “Butch” Welch and Penny L. Welch of Grangeville, Idaho.  It was formed in June 2003 to handle media productions including the new Dutch oven cooking show, DUTCH OVEN COOKIN’ WITH CEE DUB, filmed the summer of 2003 in and around the Tri-Cities […]

Fan Mail & Viewer Comments

When Cee Dub’s Public Television Series, Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking, began airing in March of 1999, Cee Dub immediately began receiving “fan mail”! Nearly five years later these shows are still generating viewer comments that Cee Dub continues to receive on a regular basis. Below are a few representative fan letters Cee Dub has […]