Business Accomplishments

Growth for both CEE DUB’S DUTCH OVEN & CAMP COOKING SUPPLIES, LLC, and BACK COUNTRY PRESS has averaged slightly over 9% per year since they were formed.  To date, combined sales of all three cookbooks exceed thirty- five thousand copies. 

Recent research by a group of MBA students on CEE  DUB’S website,, indicate Cee Dub’s Dutch Oven & Other Camp Cookin’ is the most popular Dutch oven cookbook sold on  Their research also showed top ten rankings on Internet search engines when the phrases:  “Dutch oven cooking” and
“Camp cooking” were searched on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, and Lycos. 

 In early 1997, when Butch started his sole proprietorship, Cee Dub’s Cook Books, the entire product line consisted of his first cookbook. After forming their first LLC and establishing their website, Butch and Penny 

added inventory items, as they could afford them, from various national manufacturers and distributors such as Lodge Manufacturing, GSI Outdoors, and Camp Chef.  Camp Chef products anchor CEE DUB’S product line since being selected by Camp Chef as a full line dealer in 2002.  All of Camp Chef products are listed and can be purchased directly from CEE DUB’S website,  

Also in 2002, CEE DUB’S further diversified its product line by starting to sell select specialty foods such as
Hatch Farms new Wonderful Washington Premium Hat Trick ™ Sweet Onions, Anasazi Beans ™, and a variety of lentils
from Union Warehouse in Genesee, Idaho.  These products are somewhat unique, with a limited availability, which
wants to make readily accessible to its customers.  It is anticipated that more products such as these
will be added to the existing product line.