Fan Mail & Viewer Comments

When Cee Dub’s Public Television Series, Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking, began airing in March of 1999, Cee Dub immediately began receiving “fan mail”! Nearly five years later these shows are still generating viewer comments that Cee Dub continues to receive on a regular basis. Below are a few representative fan letters Cee Dub has collected. Undoubtedly, Dutch Oven Cookin’ with Cee Dub, will add substantially more favorable feedback to this collection!

-I watch your show on Saturdays here in New Orleans. It is great. I love to cook with Dutch ovens. Just like my Cajun and Irish ancestors who came to Louisiana many years ago did, slow cooking in black pots and pans.

Larry R. – New Orleans, Louisiana

–Got hooked on your series on Public Television every Thursday morning at 11:30 am and Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm. I will miss seeing you on these cold Wyoming days.–

Bob P. – Green River, Wyoming

–So glad you’re on WYCC, channel 20 in Chicago. My family and I look forward to your program every week. Can’t begin to tell you how much we talk about your show every Monday at work. I guess because we’re stuck behind our PC’s all week. We really appreciate how you help us make the most of our leisure cooking time out of doors.–

Mark B. – Park Ridge, Illinois

–Hey Mr. Cee Dub, My husband loves your show. We are out here in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m writing to you to share my husband’s love for your show, your personality & humor….Thanks for the memories. Cooking and camping together is one of the many reasons we are still happily married.–

Lisa E. – Phoenix, Arizona

–Many thanks for a realistic look at cooking with Dutch ovens. Your show helped me improve my techniques and turn out much better food. Your show is a refreshing change from the other shows. Formal kitchens with copper pots hanging, nice stoves and the rest drive me nuts because I can never match the materials they use to create the food. The segment on Tin Foil Cooking (Salmon Fillet if I remember correctly) was great. Shows you don’t need expensive cookware to create excellent food.–

Brad G. – Salt Lake City, Utah

–I just wanted to tell you how much fun we have watching your tv show. It’s great having a local fella doing the show. My husband drops everything and watches til you’re done…..thanks for your on-going help. You’re the best?–

Julie S. – Gooding, Idaho

–Cee Dub, I caught the tail end of your cooking show on the local Public television station on Saturday on the local affiliate here I Detroit….I will be writing to our local station to let them know that they need to keep shows like this one going….Thanks again.–

Bob N. – Royal Oak, Michigan

–Cee Dub, Thank you so much for your show on Public Television. My daughter Katie loves your show. She is only 3 but you have made it out of the TV and into her heart. She asks to help me cook and I have found the joy in cooking again. I was so glad Katie got the chance to see you in Pasco, Washington.–

Brandee S. – West Richland, Washington

–Cee Dub: thank you so much for the great television shows. We truly enjoy watching and learning from your style….You inspired me to purchase some cast iron skillets which we use religiously now; still need to graduate to the Dutch oven; keep up the good work.–

Mike and Ariana O. – Greeley, Colorado

–Cee Dub, I didn’t realize till the end of the conversation I was speaking to you in person and I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your program….I’m retired now and re-discovering a lot of stuff I used to love doing and now have the time for.

Fred D.

–Dear Cee Dub, We saw you on our Public TV station KRMA in Denver this morning. We especially enjoyed your program as we have a Chuck Wagon catering business and do lots of Dutch oven cooking.–

Doc & Darlene C. – Colorado

–Hey Cee Dub, Me and my roommate get up to watch your show every Saturday. We are in Arizona, going to school. Both of us are a long way from home and watching your show helps us remember home…Just like to say keep up the cookin’. Thanks–

Alan and Shane – Arizona

–Cee Dub: Just to let you know what a great show Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking is. I have dabbled in Dutch oven cooking with friends on camping trips….Being a police officer for twenty years, I really enjoy getting away and just relaxing in the woods…Keep up the stories and the shows.–

Norb, C. – Portsmouth, Ohio

I am an officer with the Chicago Police Department assigned to the mounted unit. I along with many family members, friends, and co-workers are big fans of Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking show…Cee Dub has a show that I’m not afraid to let my kids watch…I get enough violence and profanity during my tour of duty. Cee Dub’s show is something that I, and many of my co-workers look forward to watching after work. Just as any active or retired law enforcement professional, I consider Cee Dub as “One of our own”.

Jon G. – Chicago, Illinois

–Cee Dub, I host a statewide radio program called Indiana Outdoors.” It is a hunting/fishing /outdoor show that airs on 26 stations every week for an hour. I was in Denver, Colorado, last fall attending a professional seminar and happened to catch your show on Public Television while in the hotel. I was fascinated. I could not believe there was a Dutch oven cooking show on TV…I was so caught up in your program I missed part of the next seminar session and contributed money to the Rocky Mountain Public Television Station to get your books and tape…–

Bryan Poynter, Host – Indiana Outdoors

–Cee Dub: I’ve been a fan of your series for sometime. Our local Public Television provider in the San Francisco Bay area has been KCSM. When they aired the last series, I didn’t complain too much when they moved the time to 3:30 PM  (vs. 10:30 AM for the previous series), even though it messed up my Saturday schedules. I even purchased a VCR recorder to capture the show if I was busy elsewhere…When visiting relatives in Phoenix, I got them quite interested in the show (aired on KAET). We all enjoy the humor and the “anybody can do this” demonstrations.–

Jim T. –  San Francisco, California

–Mr. Welch: I saw you on TV making a cobbler, but did not record it…Your video of instructions on how to cook and take care Dutch ovens are very good.–

Dixie F. – Hereford, Texas

            –Howdy, My wife and I just moved to Michigan from South Texas. We found your program on the local PBS station and find it to be one of the ONLY things worth while to watch on TV….we don’t miss a single episode…we tape each show for review….Many thanks for a wonderful new hobby, my family thanks you too!!!

Larry “Cee-Dub wanabee” – Waterford, Michigan

            …and there are many, many more!