Think of it, Cee Dub on your television screen dazzling the viewers with mouth watering recipes and advertising your company’s products! Television is the most effective means of advertising, and very affordable.

On the following pages you’ll meet the companies that make up what we call “Team Cee Dub“! These companies in part made it possible for Cee Dub to make the leap from the Public Television arena to commercial television with his new series, DUTCH OVEN COOKIN’ WITH CEE DUB!

Cee Dub practices what he preaches when it comes to the equipment he uses…whether cooking for family and friends in his backyard, conducting a Dutch oven cooking clinic, or on the set of DUTCH OVEN COOKIN’ WITH CEE DUB. You, too, could see Cee Dub using your company’s products and have them advertised on his TV show. Read on to find out how you can become part of “Team Cee Dub“!

Cee Dub and Penny wish to extend their heart felt thanks to TEAM CEE DUB for their support and belief in the project! We urge all our viewers to support these businesses!

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